CAMP IT Conferences

Targeted Conferences

Terms and Conditions

as of March 31, 2008



1. All equipment and material must fit on top of the table except for

only one of the following: an easel, screen, stand for video monitor,

computer, equipment rack, or literature rack (i.e., only one item can be

on the floor). The floor item can not be wider than 24 inches. If the

equipment is wider that 24 inches, the table can be removed, as long

as the equivalent space is not used for a floor-standing booth. A

maximum of two sponsor representatives may be present at each table

(in the conference room) at CAMPís Targeted Enterprise IT Conferencesô.

No costumed characters are permitted. Sponsors may not provide food

to the attendees, with the exception of individually wrapped,

commercially prepared candy. Network or Computer Resellers and

VARs are allowed to represent up to three manufacturers' solutions at

an individual table. If a reseller/VAR wishes to exhibit more than three

vendor solutions they must purchase an additional table or they will

be charged for an additional table on the day of the event. Additional

table rate will apply. Each additional table can only display three

vendor solutions.

2. If sponsor desires to cancel this agreement, it may be done only by

giving written notice to C.A.M.P. Conferences, Inc. (herein called CAMP).

Sponsor shall be liable for 25% of the total fee if cancellation is prior

to 30 business days before the Event. Sponsor will be liable for 50% of

the total fee if cancellation is on or after 30 business days before the

event and prior to 15 business days before the applicable event. There

will be no refund for cancellations received on or after 15 business days before

the event. These dates will apply regardless of the effective date of

the agreement.

3. Electricity/Internet, if needed, will be purchased separately on the
sponsor webstore.

4. At the targeted conference setup is between 7:00a.m. & 8:00a.m.

Teardown of exhibits at the targeted conference is at 5:00p.m. The

exhibit space will be left in the same condition as it was prior to the

exhibit. Sponsor is responsible for any and all storage costs charged

by the Stephens Convention Center or RES and will indemnify CAMP for

any and all claims for such storage charges

5. The sponsor will not hold any other events for potential CAMP

attendees at the Stephens Convention Center, nor any other

Chicago-area location, during the event hours. The sponsor will not

rent any space directly from the Stephens Convention Center nor

contract for any food service for other than its own employees on the

aforementioned dates.

6. Sponsors may only conduct their activity at their assigned table. No

music or announcements that are above normal voice levels are

permitted. Sponsors shall not assign to a third party their rights to

their exhibit space, or any portion thereof, without the written consent

of CAMP. No exclusivity on brands or type of merchandise is extended

to any sponsor. CAMP reserves the sole and absolute right to

determine the conference eligibility of any companyís product or

service. Distribution of advertising and samples is permitted only at

the sponsorís table and provided there is not interference with other

exhibits. CAMP may withhold or withdraw permission to distribute any

material it considers objectionable.

7. Information for the Exhibit Guide listing must be received two

weeks before the event to be included in the exhibit guide.

8. CAMP Events will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention

Center in Rosemont, Illinois. CAMP reserves the right to make

assignments of sponsor space and modifications as may be necessary.

In order to optimize the flow of traffic on the show floor, CAMP may

revise the floor plan geometry without notice.

9. Neither CAMP, its agents and representatives, nor the Donald E.

Stephens Convention Center, or its agents and representatives, will be responsible for any

injury, loss, harm or damage that may occur to the sponsor or to the

sponsorís employees or property from any cause whatsoever. All

property of an sponsor is understood to remain in its care, custody

and control in transit to or from or within the confines of the exhibit

area. Under no circumstances will CAMP be liable for lost profits or

other incidental or consequential damage. Sponsor shall obtain, at its

own expense, adequate insurance against any such injury, loss or

damage. The sponsor is responsible for any damage done to the

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center by the sponsorís agents and

representatives. Sponsor shall indemnify CAMP, its agents and assigns

against, and hold CAMP, its agents and assigns harmless from, any and

all claims, actions, suits, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities,

including legal fees, arising out of, connected with or resulting from

the sponsorís rental and use of their space at the Donald E. Stephens

Convention Center

10. There is no other agreement or warranty between the sponsor and

CAMP, or its representatives, except as set forth in this document. If

any term or provision of this agreement is declared invalid or

unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement shall remain in full

force and effect. Any sponsor who violates any of the terms and

conditions herein is subject to being refused participation in future

events. CAMP reserves the right to close an exhibit without refund, if

the sponsor is in violation of any of the rules and regulations provided

for by CAMP.

11. In the event that, because of war, fire, strike, government

regulation, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy or other

cause beyond the control of CAMP or its representatives, the event or

any part of it is prevented from being held, is canceled by CAMP or the

exhibit space assigned becomes unavailable, any refund of exhibit fees

to the sponsor shall be at the absolute discretion of CAMP. Such

refund, if given, shall be a proportionate share of the balance of the

aggregate exhibit fees received which remains after deducting

expenses incurred by CAMP and reasonable compensation to CAMP but

in no case shall the amount of refund to the sponsor exceed the

amount of exhibit fee paid. No refunds will be given if the sponsorís

personnel are unable to attend the show.

The Sponsor shall

comply with all Federal, State, and local (municipal) laws and

regulations and shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Donald

E. Stephens Convention Center. Sponsor will indemnify and hold

harmless CAMP for all claims, damages and liabilities arising from

Sponsorís failure to comply with the aforesaid rules and regulations.

CAMP makes no representations or warranties regarding the number

of persons who will attend the event.

13. This application after being signed, physically or the terms and conditions checkbox clicked on the web, by the sponsor and upon

confirmation by CAMP, via its website, e-mail, or postal mail, shall constitute a binding and valid contract

between sponsor and CAMP. This contract shall be construed in

accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Illinois.

14. Notices or communications to the parties shall be at the addresses

set forth on the application.

15. Sponsors shall observe any additional regulations made by CAMP

for the safe and efficient operation of the exposition. Such additional

regulations shall be at the sole discretion of CAMP and its


16. CAMP reserves the right to change the date and/or location of its conferences at any time if circumstances dictate.

17. Sponsorship payments are due one week before the each event. Past due balances shall bear interest at the

rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum from the due date and shall be payable to CAMP.